Dr Caroline Hewitt, Consultant Dermatologist, has been helping patients soften the signs of time for over twenty years. By using safe and effective non-surgical rejuvenation techniques with BOTOX® and Fillers she can reduce the appearance of facial lines, wrinkles and folds caused by the ageing process. As a result the face adopts a more relaxed and youthful appearance and the wrinkles/lines become smoother or disappear altogether. These products can be used for lip, cheek and jaw line enhancement and for shaping other facial, hand and neck contours.

Dr Hewitt practices in Central London and West Berkshire. All treatments will be administered by her following a thorough consultation in a comfortable and private setting.


Available Treatments Include


I’m so thankful 🙏 you have have done fantastic job 🙏💐😘
- FT, London, July 2021
Many thanks for today, so glad I’ve found you 😁
- HS, Berkshire, July 2021
You've done the most marvellous marvellous job thank you
- IO, London, July 2021
I just wanted to check back in with you to say that the botox looks fabulous, thank you. I really love it!!! I really like it, can' t imagine life without it now!
- NA, Berkshire, May 2021
Honestly so excited. Thanks so much. The filler's had a really noticeable effect already
- CG, London, May 2021
The face is fab. I really want my .... to come out so I can put your name on it reflecting never ending thanks
- LC, London, April 2021
Hi Caroline I realised that I didn't get back to you after last visit. Everything was great - around the mouth made a big difference
- LH, Berkshire, December 2020
Morning, Face is great thanks 🙏 xx
- DC, Berkshire, December 2020
Thank you for the wondrous work you've done. Lips are great!!! Thank you. You always do a marvellous job 🦋
- IO, London, November 2020
love it already - you're a magician 💫Z
- ZH, London, September 2020
Looks really good, thrilled - I think I am lucky!
- JK, Berkshire, August 2020
Thank you for seeing me today and well done for implementing "the new way" so effectively and putting me at my ease. I thought it might be rather awkward but it was fine and I felt safe and in professional hands.
- SM, Berkshire, July 2020
You’ve done a marvellous marvellous job as per. Thank you so so much. I feel so much better 🦋🌸
- BC, London, June 2020
Happy with result. Thank you.
- AG, London, October 2019
It's fantastic. Thank you 🙏 💐
- FT, London, October 2019
Another A* for Dr Hewitt on the fillers front super duper work
- BC, Berkshire, March 2019
 I'm LOVING my lips. Oh my goodness such a great job you did - Thank you 🦋
- IO, London, November 2018
Hi Caroline omg I think I love you!! My frown is gone... when can I come for more? Can I send my Mum to you too?
- SF, West Berkshire, November 2018
Thanks for keeping me so gorgeous! You’re a wonderworker….
- MS, Berkshire, October 2018
The Volite has worked! Crepey neck abated. Absolutely thrilled. Thank you :)))))
- DE, London, August 2018
Just a quick text to say your work is just brilliant! It’s really perfect & I feel good.😇Many thanks! 👏👏😊
- FR, London, January 2018
I don't want my lips to go down.  I love these ones.
I cannot believe the difference everything you did has made.  Check out this photo. I'm going to keep a photo diary.  If you want any for your website I'd be more than happy for you to use them.
- FJ, West Sussex, December 2017
I absolutely adore my new lips thank you so much!
- LP, London, December 2017
Loving the filler as ever!
- BW, London, November 2017
I'm very pleased with the results -  thank you. We made the right decision
- AG, London, November 2017
Just a quick e-mail to let you know how pleased I am with the initial results! It's like a minor miracle how the lines are gradually softening, and I haven't had any side effects. I don't think I looked this good at my wedding and that was nearly 7 years ago!
- AV, Berkshire, November 2017
I love it and not a sign of bruising. Thank you.
- JC, London, October 2017
Face looking GOOD!
- BC, Hampshire, September 2017
I LOVE your work x thank you xx
- CB, London, September 2017
Really pleased with the Botox. Looks really natural. Thanks again for being so nice.
- KH, Berkshire, July 2017
Massive thank you. I really appreciate your skill….. you really are lovely and so good at what you do. If you ever doubt yourself, here’s the evidence. From a very confident, happy 46 year old…  
- MS, Berkshire, June 2017
You've done a great job - thank you
- IO, London, April 2017
Love the cheeks!
- CJ, London, April 2017
A beautiful job you've done. If you ever move I'm coming too btw as I've not found anyone better than you
- CD, London, April 2017
I'm really pleased with the outcome of my treatment, just the right amount! Many thanks
- GA, London, April 2017
I'm sooooo happy with my new face! I can't thank you enough I really can't!
- FK, Hampshire, April 2017
Just to let you know last months treatment has worked well and I think was just the right amount! Looking and feeling younger!
- PC, Sussex, April 2017
Lips look great!
- LD, Berkshire, March 2017
Loving the lips already!
- RH, Berkshire, January 2017
The lips look great! Thank you
- MS, Berkshire, January 2017
Botox worked a treat!
- FL, Berkshire, January 2017
All A1 OK!! Thank you
- PR, Hampshire, January 2017
Just a quick note to say the results are fantastic! Really pleased,  Thank you!
- NJ, London, December 2016
Love the look and it has made me feel much better. It is as always great!
- JC, London, November 2016
I'm really pleased with my Botox, Thank you
- LR, Berkshire, November 2016
Cheeks look great! Thank you
- KJ, London, November 2016
The fillers in my cheeks have made SUCH a difference, Thank you
- SW, London, October 2016
Thanks I love them (lips)!
- LD, Berkshire, September 2016
The filler results are amazing. I am so pleased! Thank you
- AL, Berkshire, September 2016
Thanks for seeing me yesterday, I really enjoyed talking to you - lots to think about!
- JC, Berkshire, September 2016
You've done a perfect job. Thank you so much. I honestly feel much more confident :))))
- EF, London, August 2016
Thank you so much again! In love with them (lips) already!
- GH, Berkshire, August 2016
Thank you I love my lips!
- KH, Berkshire, August 2016
You've done a sterling job on my lips! I actually have some thank you
- CD, London, August 2016
I would like the same as last time please, particularly loved the cheek bones!! :)
- RB, Berkshire, August 2016
Love what you did last time, very happy with the result
- DC, Berkshire, July 2016
You do a great job and I love it!
- JC, London, June 2016
I came to see you a few months ago. Was so pleased with the result and feel a bit more would look even better!
- DC, Berkshire, June 2016
You do a great job and I love it!
- JC, London, June 2016
I am thrilled with the results of the Fillers. It's settled down fine and is subtle but makes a real difference
- BPC, Berkshire, June 2016
I just wanted to let you know that everything is perfect! So pleased it looks amazing! Had loads of compliments! I'm thinking lips next!
- MJ, Berkshire, April 2016
Everyone thinks I look fantastic! I also think I look good!!! All your doing for giving me cheeks again!! Thank you so much
- TH, Berkshire, April 2016
Really pleased with the results
- JM, Berkshire, April 2016
I was wondering if you had a slot Wednesday afternoon in London?  Apart from that I am really really pleased with the last job!
- KV, Hampshire, March 2016
Just a quick note to say, woke up this morning looking fab, thanks to you. You're brilliant.
- JH, Sussex, March 2016
You've done an amazing job on the old Botox. Thank you :)))
- BC, London, February 2016
Just to let you know how pleased I am with the initial results! It's like a minor miracle how the lines are gradually softening, and I haven't had any side effects. I don' think I looked this good at my wedding, and that was nearly 7 years ago!
- AV, Berkshire, January 2016
Thank you - very happy with my smoother face.
- JM, Berkshire, January 2016
Really pleased with the last results and just want a bit more for all the parties we've got coming up!
- TS, Berkshire, January 2016
Thanks for treatment. Love it !
- JC, London, January 2016
Very happy with my treatment so far. I would now like to have my nasolabial folds done with fillers.
- DP, Berkshire, January 2016
I am very happy with the results - lines not so deep and still some movement. Exactly what I hoped for.
- JM, Berkshire, January 2016
Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such a great job as usual.
- JH, Sussex, December 2015
Thank you as ever for making me beautiful. It’s always good to see you, you’re so full of life and light. I love that thing you did at the top of my lip btw….makes a difference.
- SM, Berkshire, December 2015
Thank you for increasing my confidence in myself over the year with your "time lord" magic.
- BC, London, December 2015
It has worked fabulously. As you predicted I might be I'm so happy with the Botox for now.
- SW, Berkshire, November 2015
Yes all good - I went to a dinner party yesterday with the giggles as my lines have gone!
- CB, London, November 2015
All good. The lines across the forehead are much softer but haven't gone completely so I think that's worked well. Also I haven't got the heavy eye look so I'm pleased about that.
- GG, Hampshire, October 2015
Morning Caroline face is lovely thanks.
- LD, Berkshire, October 2015
Love the new filler by the way.
- KJ, Hampshire, September 2015
Just to say no need for review tomorrow - all great and no tweaks required! Many thanks.
- WT, London, September 2015
My forehead is completly smooth love it! Perfect! Thank you.
- KH, London, September 2015
I really appreciate your advice and honesty regarding my treatment, therefore, I have decided not to go ahead with any treatment at the moment. I will keep in mind the surgery for my eyes, and if I decide to have any treatment at all, I will contact you again.
- EH, Berkshire, September 2015
So far very happy with the fillers now really thinking about the Botox.
- CK, London, September 2015
Oh wow!! I can't believe how lucky I am. It is just such a wonderful and immediate result and really makes you feel a different person! I am over the moon with my fillers and I still have the Botox to work its magic to look forward to!!!! Thank you again Caroline it's really lifted the spirits
- KW, Hampshire, June 2015
Thank you - have had lots of compliments since I saw you.
- SM, Berkshire, May 2015
Just to let you know, I'm very pleased with the result. Many thanks.
- CM, London, April 2015
Thank u - it's all fine. Think what we did looks so good - am sure I will be back for more!! Thank u v much.
- CW, London, March 2015
Btw it looks great. Really happy.
- DdC, London, March 2015
I am loving all the results from my visit to you on Monday! Thank you.
- TT, Hampshire, January 2015
It was good to meet you on Monday and to be able to have treatment at the same time. I am very pleased with the early results and would like to make another appointment to see you.
- RB, London, December 2014
My forehead looks great, no sign of the smallest wrinkle. I'll be back to see you if any appear.
- CM, London, December 2014
It is all looking great and I am getting used to the fact that I can't move my forehead as much as I used to. It has been a weird feeling but otherwise no side effects not even a headache.
- GG, Hampshire, November 2014
Hi caroline just to say eyes are much better thank u.
- LM, London, July 2014
WELL WORTH IT (She shouts out…). I am absolutely chuffed to bits with my face. Confidence is at an all time high and compliments are rolling in. Thank you.
- SM, Berkshire, June 2014
I just wanted to say that I'm really pleased with the results! Took about 7-10 days before I noticed anything but it's exactly what I was hoping for. Many thanks.
- ST, London, June 2014
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