Caroline - botox amazing!
- EG, London, November 2023
I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the treatment. Great result, zero bruising and no issues at all. Thank you.
- LK, Berkshire, June 2023
Love my face!!😊😊😊😊xxxxx
- KF, Berkshire, June 2023
I absolutely love what you’ve done, thank you so much. I’m going to come back for Botox on crows feet because I trust you!! Thank you again.
- MR, Berkshire, June 2023
I keep meaning to let you know my face is extraordinary .. lines gone😳👏🏼thank you
- SG, London, October 2022
I am pleased to report that the Botox you gave me has worked perfectly. I have decided to proceed with the filler...
- NC, Berkshire, October 2022
Just wanted to say I'm loving the crow's feet Botox! I can definitely see a difference, skin looks smoother and eyes more awake.
- CD, Berkshire, September 2022
Hi Caroline very pleased.. not forehead line to be seen! 😂🤣
- GB, Berkshire, August 2022
It is looking great! I am so pleased with it. Totally brightened my face. Thank you!!!
- EG, London, July 2022
The Botox is fabulous! Thank you so much.
- SF, Berkshire, July 2022
I can definitely see a difference especially in the jowl area. Very pleased. Thank you.
- CM, London, July 2022
Perfect symmetrical face no bruising love it. A real Lunch time face lift!
- JC, Berkshire, May 2022
All looking fine and a great improvement
- AR, London, April 2022
March My Botox looks fab xx
- SF, Berkshire, March 2022
The filler around the lips is amazing. Thank you. And thank you for the Botox.
- BT, London, March 2022
I love how the lips are looking!!!! You're a genius. It makes me so much more confident. Thank you again.
- PS, London, December 2021
It's all looking lovely, I'm very happy
- AM, Berkshire, December 2021
Thank you so much... It already looks so much better and I am very happy
- YK, London, December 2021
Lips are looking gorgeous ... Thanks to you I feel better than I did in my twenties. What you do may seem shallow to some judgy people but trust me, it's changed my life. Thank you.
- UO, Berkshire, November 2021
I’m so thankful 🙏 you have have done fantastic job 🙏💐😘
- FT, London, July 2021
Many thanks for today, so glad I’ve found you 😁
- HS, Berkshire, July 2021
You've done the most marvellous marvellous job thank you
- IO, London, July 2021
I just wanted to check back in with you to say that the botox looks fabulous, thank you. I really love it!!! I really like it, can' t imagine life without it now!
- NA, Berkshire, May 2021
Honestly so excited. Thanks so much. The filler's had a really noticeable effect already
- CG, London, May 2021
The face is fab. I really want my .... to come out so I can put your name on it reflecting never ending thanks
- LC, London, April 2021
Hi Caroline I realised that I didn't get back to you after last visit. Everything was great - around the mouth made a big difference
- LH, Berkshire, December 2020
Morning, Face is great thanks 🙏 xx
- DC, Berkshire, December 2020
Thank you for the wondrous work you've done. Lips are great!!! Thank you. You always do a marvellous job 🦋
- IO, London, November 2020
love it already - you're a magician 💫Z
- ZH, London, September 2020
Looks really good, thrilled - I think I am lucky!
- JK, Berkshire, August 2020
Thank you for seeing me today and well done for implementing "the new way" so effectively and putting me at my ease. I thought it might be rather awkward but it was fine and I felt safe and in professional hands.
- SM, Berkshire, July 2020
You’ve done a marvellous marvellous job as per. Thank you so so much. I feel so much better 🦋🌸
- BC, London, June 2020
Happy with result. Thank you.
- AG, London, October 2019
It's fantastic. Thank you 🙏 💐
- FT, London, October 2019
Another A* for Dr Hewitt on the fillers front super duper work
- BC, Berkshire, March 2019
 I'm LOVING my lips. Oh my goodness such a great job you did - Thank you 🦋
- IO, London, November 2018
Hi Caroline omg I think I love you!! My frown is gone... when can I come for more? Can I send my Mum to you too?
- SF, West Berkshire, November 2018
Thanks for keeping me so gorgeous! You’re a wonderworker….
- MS, Berkshire, October 2018
The Volite has worked! Crepey neck abated. Absolutely thrilled. Thank you :)))))
- DE, London, August 2018
Just a quick text to say your work is just brilliant! It’s really perfect & I feel good.😇Many thanks! 👏👏😊
- FR, London, January 2018
I don't want my lips to go down.  I love these ones.
I cannot believe the difference everything you did has made.  Check out this photo. I'm going to keep a photo diary.  If you want any for your website I'd be more than happy for you to use them.
- FJ, West Sussex, December 2017
I absolutely adore my new lips thank you so much!
- LP, London, December 2017
Loving the filler as ever!
- BW, London, November 2017
I'm very pleased with the results -  thank you. We made the right decision
- AG, London, November 2017
Just a quick e-mail to let you know how pleased I am with the initial results! It's like a minor miracle how the lines are gradually softening, and I haven't had any side effects. I don't think I looked this good at my wedding and that was nearly 7 years ago!
- AV, Berkshire, November 2017
I love it and not a sign of bruising. Thank you.
- JC, London, October 2017
Face looking GOOD!
- BC, Hampshire, September 2017
I LOVE your work x thank you xx
- CB, London, September 2017
Really pleased with the Botox. Looks really natural. Thanks again for being so nice.
- KH, Berkshire, July 2017
Massive thank you. I really appreciate your skill….. you really are lovely and so good at what you do. If you ever doubt yourself, here’s the evidence. From a very confident, happy 46 year old…  
- MS, Berkshire, June 2017
You've done a great job - thank you
- IO, London, April 2017
Love the cheeks!
- CJ, London, April 2017
A beautiful job you've done. If you ever move I'm coming too btw as I've not found anyone better than you
- CD, London, April 2017
I'm really pleased with the outcome of my treatment, just the right amount! Many thanks
- GA, London, April 2017
I'm sooooo happy with my new face! I can't thank you enough I really can't!
- FK, Hampshire, April 2017
Just to let you know last months treatment has worked well and I think was just the right amount! Looking and feeling younger!
- PC, Sussex, April 2017
Lips look great!
- LD, Berkshire, March 2017
Loving the lips already!
- RH, Berkshire, January 2017
The lips look great! Thank you
- MS, Berkshire, January 2017
Botox worked a treat!
- FL, Berkshire, January 2017
All A1 OK!! Thank you
- PR, Hampshire, January 2017
Just a quick note to say the results are fantastic! Really pleased,  Thank you!
- NJ, London, December 2016
Love the look and it has made me feel much better. It is as always great!
- JC, London, November 2016
I'm really pleased with my Botox, Thank you
- LR, Berkshire, November 2016
Cheeks look great! Thank you
- KJ, London, November 2016
The fillers in my cheeks have made SUCH a difference, Thank you
- SW, London, October 2016
Thanks I love them (lips)!
- LD, Berkshire, September 2016
The filler results are amazing. I am so pleased! Thank you
- AL, Berkshire, September 2016
Thanks for seeing me yesterday, I really enjoyed talking to you - lots to think about!
- JC, Berkshire, September 2016
You've done a perfect job. Thank you so much. I honestly feel much more confident :))))
- EF, London, August 2016
Thank you so much again! In love with them (lips) already!
- GH, Berkshire, August 2016
Thank you I love my lips!
- KH, Berkshire, August 2016
You've done a sterling job on my lips! I actually have some thank you
- CD, London, August 2016
I would like the same as last time please, particularly loved the cheek bones!! :)
- RB, Berkshire, August 2016
Love what you did last time, very happy with the result
- DC, Berkshire, July 2016
You do a great job and I love it!
- JC, London, June 2016
I came to see you a few months ago. Was so pleased with the result and feel a bit more would look even better!
- DC, Berkshire, June 2016
You do a great job and I love it!
- JC, London, June 2016
I am thrilled with the results of the Fillers. It's settled down fine and is subtle but makes a real difference
- BPC, Berkshire, June 2016
I just wanted to let you know that everything is perfect! So pleased it looks amazing! Had loads of compliments! I'm thinking lips next!
- MJ, Berkshire, April 2016
Everyone thinks I look fantastic! I also think I look good!!! All your doing for giving me cheeks again!! Thank you so much
- TH, Berkshire, April 2016
Really pleased with the results
- JM, Berkshire, April 2016
I was wondering if you had a slot Wednesday afternoon in London?  Apart from that I am really really pleased with the last job!
- KV, Hampshire, March 2016
Just a quick note to say, woke up this morning looking fab, thanks to you. You're brilliant.
- JH, Sussex, March 2016
You've done an amazing job on the old Botox. Thank you :)))
- BC, London, February 2016
Just to let you know how pleased I am with the initial results! It's like a minor miracle how the lines are gradually softening, and I haven't had any side effects. I don' think I looked this good at my wedding, and that was nearly 7 years ago!
- AV, Berkshire, January 2016
Thank you - very happy with my smoother face.
- JM, Berkshire, January 2016
Really pleased with the last results and just want a bit more for all the parties we've got coming up!
- TS, Berkshire, January 2016
Thanks for treatment. Love it !
- JC, London, January 2016
Very happy with my treatment so far. I would now like to have my nasolabial folds done with fillers.
- DP, Berkshire, January 2016
I am very happy with the results - lines not so deep and still some movement. Exactly what I hoped for.
- JM, Berkshire, January 2016
Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such a great job as usual.
- JH, Sussex, December 2015
Thank you as ever for making me beautiful. It’s always good to see you, you’re so full of life and light. I love that thing you did at the top of my lip btw….makes a difference.
- SM, Berkshire, December 2015
Thank you for increasing my confidence in myself over the year with your "time lord" magic.
- BC, London, December 2015
It has worked fabulously. As you predicted I might be I'm so happy with the Botox for now.
- SW, Berkshire, November 2015
Yes all good - I went to a dinner party yesterday with the giggles as my lines have gone!
- CB, London, November 2015
All good. The lines across the forehead are much softer but haven't gone completely so I think that's worked well. Also I haven't got the heavy eye look so I'm pleased about that.
- GG, Hampshire, October 2015
Morning Caroline face is lovely thanks.
- LD, Berkshire, October 2015
Love the new filler by the way.
- KJ, Hampshire, September 2015
Just to say no need for review tomorrow - all great and no tweaks required! Many thanks.
- WT, London, September 2015